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If you are interested in having a manuscript edited or have any questions, please contact me at I will respond within twenty-four hours.

If we decide to work together, I will edit five to ten pages of your manuscript free. You may choose the number and which pages I will edit.
For short stories, novelettes, and novellas, I will edit three to five pages free.
The sample edit will help Renaissance Wordsmith decide whether to accept your manuscript for editing and will help you decide if Renaissance Wordsmith is the right fit for you.

If you are happy with the free edit, we will proceed from there. I will send a questionnaire concerning your manuscript, in order to give me an idea of what to expect while I edit, as well as determine cost and time required. Once we have agreed upon cost, a payment plan (if necessary), and timing, I will send you a contract that details payment, timing, and necessary protections for client and editor.

I will request the manuscript be sent via email to on the agreed-upon date, in a Word document, 2003 or up compatible, or in a rich text (.rtf) format, and I will begin editing on that day. Editing will be done with Microsoft Word Track Changes and comments. All edits and comments will be in red. I will go through the manuscript two to four times before it is returned. Return time will depend on the length of manuscript, and the amount of editing required. Editing will be done with quality and time in mind, and so will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I will return the manscript on or before the agreed-upon date. The email will include an attached outline of the corrections for easy reference. I will also include a small questionnaire concerning your thoughts on my work. A follow-up edit will be completed if requested, at an agreed-upon price.

Payments can be made through PayPal, on the date and at the cost agreed upon in the contract.

Renaissance Wordsmith will not edit books in which there is gratuitous violence, nonconsensual sex, pedophilia, pornography, or abusive (mental or physical) emotional or sexual interactions out of context. Renaissance Wordsmith realizes that violence and sex are sometimes necessary to the plot.

You, the author, retain all creative licenses and copyrights for your material. Renaissance Wordsmith will keep all correspondences and materials strictly confidential. Your personal information and/or the details of your project will not be shared with anyone.

Please contact me with any questions.
Thank you!

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