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Renaissance Wordsmith provides a variety of editing levels at competitive but low prices. Please keep in mind Renaissance Wordsmith is willing to work with you on payment plans as necessary.
Renaissance Wordsmith will edit five to ten pages of your manuscript free.
For short stories, novelettes, and novellas, I will edit three to five pages free.
The sample edit will help Renaissance Wordsmith decide whether to accept your manuscript for editing and will help you decide if Renaissance Wordsmith is the right fit for you.

Level One: Basic Proofreading includes checking for grammatical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, tense, and typos. Novel (40k+ words): $2.00 per page
Novella (17,500-40,000 words) : $1.75 per page
Level Two: Line Editing includes Basic Proofreading plus looking for Point of View (headhopping), wordiness (over use of a particular word, unnecessary words, etc.), clarity, consistency, continuity, and sentence structure. Novel: $2.50 per page
Novella: $2.25 per page
Level Three: In-depth Editing includes Basic Proofreading, Line Editing plus will query author on plot holes, plot inconsistencies, questions about validity of facts (will do minimal fact checking), and will point out and make suggestions about other issues I find as I edit your manuscript. Novel: $3.00 per page
Novella: $2.75 per page
Novelette (7,500-17,500 words) Flat fee of $75
Short Story (Less than 7,500 words) Flat fee of $50
Non-fiction: history, true crime, biography, autobiography, etc. Follow fiction pricing
Tabletop gaming manuals (level 3 edit) $3.00 per 500 words, minimum of $30.00
School Papers: thesis, dissertation, research papers, term papers, etc. (Level 2 edit) $3.00 per 500 words, minimum of $30.00
Formatting: Will format for a specific publisher or to self-publishing standards. $0.50 per page/500 words
Follow-Up Edit: A once-over of the manuscript after I've returned it and you've done the rewrite and suggested editing. $1.00 per page/500 words

Price does not include title page.
'Page' is judged via Microsoft Word's count, minus title page.

If you refer someone to me for editing, I will give ten percent off your next edit with me.

Please visit the Sumbission/Editing Process page if interested, or contact me with any questions.
Thank you!

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